1000W Power Inverter Circuit By using MOSFET RFP50N06

1000W Power Inverter Circuit By using MOSFET RFP50N06

1000W Power Inverter (MOSFET)

The MOSFET REP50No6 based power inverter circuit which is able to deal with loads up to 1000W, it’s relied upon your power inverter transformer. The MOSFET REP50N06 FET’s are 50 Amps and 60 Volts rated. For getting more power by adding some MOSFETs in parallel connection. MOSFETs needed heatsink when operating state for better cooling. And also MOSFETs recommended using as ”Fuse” in the Power Line and it always has Load connected.


1000W Power Inverter MOSFET RFP50N06


1000W Power Inverter circuit diagram

IC1A & IC1B, Along with IC2A & IC2B and the Transistor form a Voltage-controlled Oscillator of which the frequency is adjusted with the 25K ohm pot. IC2C & IC2D are buffering, driving the Mos-Fets, out of phase of each other. The 13-volt Zeners stabilize supply voltages and limit signals, while the 36-volt Zeners limit spikes from the transformer.

Advantages of  MOSFET Power Inverter (REP50No6):

  1. MOSFET Can be used with a wide range of supply voltages by using appropriate transformers.
  2. REP50N06 MOSFETs Can be used to deliver a wide range of output voltages by using an appropriate turns ratio.
  3. This Output Frequency is Adjustable and Stable.
  4. A Standard Step Down transformer can be used with Fair Results for Lower Wattages.
  5. By the addition of “Parallel Output Fets” and a Large Transformer, Power can be GREATLY Increased.


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