What is Single Phase Transformer | Single Phase Transformer Applications

Electrical Transformer

An Electrical Transformer is a device that can transfer one electrical circuit to another called transformer. A transformer can step up and step down electrical energy without changing frequency.

Single Phase Transformer

A Single Phase Transformer is an electrical device that can accept single-phase alternating current as input and single-phase alternating current as output. This is used in energy distribution in non-urban areas because the overall demand and prices are lower than with 3-phase transformers. They are used as a step-down device to reduce the home voltage to an appropriate level while maintaining frequency stability. As a result, it is frequently used to power electronic devices in homes. This article provides an overview of a single-phase transformer.

Working Principle

The single-phase transformer works on the basis of Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction principle. In general, mutual induction between secondary and primary windings is responsible for the operation of an electrical transformer.

Single Phase Transformer Circuit

Single Phase Transformer Circuit

Single Phase Transformer Circuit Diagram

In the above circuit, the input supply side winding is referred to as the primary winding, and the load side winding is referred to as the secondary winding. The primary and secondary windings are electrically separated but magnetically coupled. The mutual induction principle describes the transfer of electrical energy from one circuit to another.

Single Phase Transformer Applications

In low voltage applications, single-phase transformers are commonly used. Single-phase transformers are widely used to reduce the voltage of a single-phase supply to a lower voltage. The transformer provides power to electronic equipment. The transformer is used in AC/DC rectifiers, electronic circuits, and other applications.

  • used in non-urban areas with low electrical demand
  • Step-up power in household inverters
  • Lighting and heating equipment for commercial and residential use.
  • Televisions lower voltage.
  • For use with low-voltage electronic devices.
  • Localized step-down power distribution
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